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Even if the man an older woman is dating is well into his adulthood, she is criticized for being either some old maid looking for a temporary fix or a sexually-charged divorcée who wants a P. Still, not everyone snubs their noses at women who date younger men.Recently, on Facebook, a friend of mine made a post encouraging younger men to date an older woman at least once.Apparently, on the Feline scale (yes, I had to Google it), I’m a puma.You know, because categorizing and labeling women as cats is sexy. While those two scenarios be true, they aren’t always the case.They will learn things, but not as an exercise (hopefully).Most single, mature women aren’t out here playing games.She opened the door in a nice backless short dress and looking like a sex goddesses. I hugged her from behind and she was breathing heavily.

She was 12yr older to me and was having affairs but not with an teenager. But after around 7 weeks she invited me to her house for dinner. when I finished cutting tomato she thanked me with a kiss and it eased my nerves.

As a 36-year-old woman who has dated men anywhere between three-to-seven years younger than myself, I was sitting behind my laptop and cheering her on in my head with, “Then … I should have suppressed my joy until I’d processed the entire post.

My dear friend went on to write that young men should purposefully seek a romantic relationship with an older woman because that’s how they will learn to be a “good man.” Not only that, but older women should make an effort to date younger men because it’s our responsibility to teach them how to be respectful of the opposite sex. It seemed as if this person, a woman, was saying that in addition to all the other pressures single mature women feel when it comes to love and dating, they also have to take on mentorship responsibilities in the relationship for the purposes of grooming a man for the next (younger) woman in their life.

They’re women with a few more years and a little more experience under their belts, but they shouldn’t be looked at as if they’re disposable grannies in need of getting their “groove back.” Some of us haven’t lost it.

Shoot, some of us haven’t even really found it yet. If you go all in with your fine-wine woman, I can (almost) guarantee that she’ll change your life for the better.

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And, dare I say it, we’re even worthy of passionate love, marriage, and children later on in life ().

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