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associated with Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara's marriage is photoshopped.

Someone photoshopped the front page of the website.

He used to accompany her on various extracurricular activities, not out of his interest but rather to spend more time with her.

He had already talked about this with Yohan until later in the series, Jin Sung was well aware of his fighting potential since he was in the first and was also aware that Yohan also had feelings for Mi Jin as well.

It feels like I'm being mocked for no reason or grounds.

I'm also scared that things like this will keep happening from now on.

Even the photos of Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil are pictures from other news outlets.

Dispatch said that they don't know about them dating. t/n: Jang Nara uploaded on her Instagram, "This post isn't an explanation or an excuse. A post someone wrote that has no footing or ending became a matter of fact overnight and it's becoming a story.

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It has never been said, in this regard, that you may have money problems and buy top-notch clothing (just as it is important to impress Mi Jin).