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Dating sim gameboy advance

It wasn’t until the release of the Game Boy Advance SP that Nintendo finally graced its console with a front-lit screen, which vastly improves visibility.

The Game Boy Advance SP is probably the most accommodating model of the handheld console; with its backwards compatibility, rechargeable battery and front-lit display.

Whilst the original Game Boy is rugged and power efficient, its murky screen and lack of any sort of display lighting make it difficult to use today.

Whilst screen clarity was resolved with the Game Boy Pocket and Color, the screen is still very difficult to see without sitting on the surface of the sun.

Handheld gaming is a luxury that many take for granted in the modern age.

From our smartphones, to home console hybrids such as the Nintendo Switch, gaming on the go has never been easier.

However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the console industry took a long time to get the formula for portable gaming right.

The main complaint about the SP is the form factor – as its clam shell design features a more cramped button layout.

This is something the original Advance console design got right, with its wide shaped design and traditional sized buttons.

The Game Boy Micro was released just as the brands reign was coming to an end; featuring a backlit screen, miniature size and customizable face plates, whilst only being compatible with Game Boy Advance games.

The Game Boy finally retired from its handheld throne in 2010, which means that newcomers have a wide variety of models to consider when starting out.

Choosing a generation of Game Boy can be a tricky decision of style over substance, with each system having its own quirks and benefits.

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Before we delve into the world of enhancements and customization for your Game Boy, it’s important to consider which model is best suited to your needs.