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For publishers, using the medium of woodblock printing was preferable to the technology of movable type (also known in Japan at this time) since printing blocks could be stored and reprinted for future publications.

By contrast, movable type required the resetting of type for each new edition.

7—shows that the printing blocks were stacked and stored flat.

Block-cutters developed a system that involved cutting two registration marks (引き付け見当) at the bottom left corner Figs.

However, these later production stages (i.e., page collation and binding) were made easier with a standardized system of registration already in place.

Moreover, with the printing positions (stops) set to prevent horizontal offsetting or vertical slippage there would be no need to allocate extra margins on the paper.

It may have been the case that these blocks were not as carefully preserved because they were regarded more as tools in the printing process and did not represent the content as an asset.

It is also possible that they were considered so ‘trendy’ and ‘of the moment’ that their content would have no lasting value, or perhaps the blocks became so worn that they were of no further use.

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This would have the added advantage of conserving paper.