Dating places in singapore at night

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Are you afraid the date might be a bust and don’t want to risk spending an arm and a leg at some ambiguously priced cocktail bar?Check out LOOF for their awesome week day happy hour deal.

(having relocated from their previous home on North Canal).It’s also nice that you can strategically choose from multiple locations.If you are feeling peckish you can share some small plates without committing to a full dinner.Most of all what I like about Wine Connection is you always know what you are going to get. [adrotate group=”4″] For the cocktail enthusiasts, check out Cufflink Club, located in one of my most favorite areas for dinner and drinks.This place definitely says I am cool and hip and know my way around a cocktail bar.

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In an area that provides dinner options if the date is going well, or quick MRT and taxi access if it’s not. Music that’s not so loud you can’t hear anything, but not so quiet it’s totally awkward.

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