Dating my massage therapist

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1,892,370 members and counting, you're sure to find a safe casual encounter!At a church gathering once, the minister, a well-intentioned fellow who I knew pretty well, said, “Charlotte, tell us about your work as a masseuse.” My standard response—which I had always thought was pretty funny—was, “I prefer to be called a massage therapist.In my mind, masseuse means prostitute, and I don’t have that much fun.” Yep, I dropped that line in the middle of a church gathering.Lesson Learned Some of us are better at reading a social group than others, but my ineptitude made it clear I had a lot to learn about reading a group before using even the slightest bit of off-color humor.Cultural Insensitivity While working in a hospital as the lead medical massage therapist, I was often overworked, stressed, and moving way too quickly.

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You would think all the oxygen had been sucked out of the room.