Dating living together

Posted by / 25-Apr-2020 14:50

Dating living together

“We have this expectation in our society that to have a healthy relationship and to be satisfied… “That’s normative, that’s the stage you go through.” Our generation eschews the “one-size-fits-all” mentality.

So why do we have such fixed expectations for living together?

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As young adults put off marriage until later in life, cohabitation has inhabited much of the space that used to be made up of married couples.

I think this dramatic change in how relationships form matters for at least two reasons: of cohabiters who are driving the increasing disconnect between moving in and moving on in life together?

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In a new paper, Bowling Green State University sociologist Karen Guzzo analyzes how the odds of cohabitation leading to either getting married or breaking up have changed over the years.

Before getting to her findings, let’s review some of the cohabitation trends she highlights in her report (based on prior studies): Guzzo notes, as have others, that cohabiting has become a normative experience in the romantic and sexual lives of young adults.

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Families are smaller, siblings share bedrooms less and less, “there’s not as much stepping over one another like we saw in the 1950s,” she said.

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