Dating lachenal concertinas

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He has also written a step-by-step account of the project, as we feel that there are valuable lessons to be learned here, not only by the Horniman but also by other institutions or individuals with fragile paper archives who may wish to publish them as electronic files and preserve the originals.Website publications such as these represent a 21st century key that can unlock information and release it into a public domain, the scope of which was unimaginable ten years ago.

They contain a wealth of detail for the industrial and the social historian, including the payments made to tradesmen who provided supplies and services to the Wheatstone workshops. Photo: Horniman Museum.) One case is the usual leather-covered wood, but the second (above) is an outer "termite proof" metal case. Photo: Horniman Museum.) The ledger entry records its sale on 12 September 1846 to Captain Charles Stanley, who would thus be prepared for his military duty, probably in India.

It differs from other concertinas in that the scale is divided evenly between the two hands, such that playing a scale involves both hands alternately playing each note in sequence.

The evangelical Salvation Army adopted all systems of the concertina as a more portable and flexible alternative to brass instruments, and published a number of tutor books showing the complexity and range of the music they played on the English system.

The prices of raw materials used in the manufacture of concertinas are documented here. The ledgers are also of potential interest to a global public, as the concertinas of the Wheatstone factory were exported all over the world (some of them in custom-built termite-proof cases).

The ledgers also chart the weekly wages paid to employees such as Messrs Lachenal, Dove, Chidley and Nickolds, all of whom later left the Wheatstone factory to set up their own concertina workshops, in competition with the parent company. Most of the ledgers list the serial numbers of the concertinas and their dates of sale by the Wheatstone workshop. 649 was first sold 18th April 1843 to the virtuoso Giulio Regondi. The records of visits to the website cited in Robert Gaskins’ article show just how extensively the scans of the ledgers have been consulted by Internet users.

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