Dating brass bells

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Two bells were cast under his direction at Abingdon which also held two others cast by St. Although these attracted trade from the surrounding countryside, mediaeval founders did not confine themselves to bellmaking as their only source of livelihood.

The Hemony Brothers are regarded as the first of the modern western bell-founders who used a scientific approach to casting the optimum shape and tuning bells to enable them to be harmonically tuned.

Bellfounding is the casting of bells in a foundry for use in churches, clocks, and public buildings.

The term also usually includes the tuning of the bell.

Much experimentation with composition has existed throughout history; the bells of Henry II had nearly twice as much copper as tin, while much earlier Assyrian bronze bells had ten times the amount of copper to tin.

This allows for a better resonance and causes the bell to "vibrate like a spring when struck", a necessary quality as the clapper may strike at speeds of up to 600 miles per hour.

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