Dallas tx sex chat

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Dallas tx sex chat

We catch a cab and head toward the Westin Hotel for dinner.

The restaurant is fairly crowded and all eyes follow your sensual gate as we are led toward a table near the front windows.

I slip a finger into your womanhood and rub your hooded clit with another finger.

Keep eating I tell you as I watch the blush of sexual excitement move up fro your breasts to your neck.

I can see the long flowing silk dress that I bought you for this occasion.

It is a bright blue color, full at the hem yet tight around your small waist and large breasts.

You press the button and I see that the elevator closest to my table is responding.Your nipples harden slowly throughout the meal until they are clearly visible when we order our desert.As you enjoy your triple chocolate cake I run my hand under the silk and slide my way to the tight vee that is your womanhood.The lobby was split into a lounge area, a dining area, and the front desk and business area.I was seated at a table with a view of two of the elevators, waiting to catch a glimpse of your arrival. We had discussed the thrill of exhibitionism many times, but only last month had we acted on this sensual form of foreplay.

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I can hear your breathing quicken as my fingertips slip and slide over the thin cloth that is covering the lower lips of your sex.

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