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Conscious connections dating

We all know it can be a real challenge to make heartfelt & authentic connections in London.Our fast and busy pace of life in this big city that we love, can take it’s toll. ”Our way of meeting each other is respectful, sensitive to how we all feel when attending an event as a singleton.It's for people who are open to welcoming in more joy, passion, and love.

After completing his Ma in Community Music, Seth trained as a Humanistic Psychology Practitioner and then as a Certified Bodyworker.He is an avid DJ with a love for Afro-Beat, Cuban and Brazilian music, and a 23-year love affair with Ecstatic Dance practices.He is currently training in London to be a Body Psychotherapist.Arrive with no expectations and leave with a better understanding of why it feels more difficult now than ever to connect; how to practice cultivating deeper connections in your life and maybe even make a new friend or two.Join us for a special evening as we give you a fresh take on connecting meaningfully.

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