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In the early stages you want to make sure that you have very open communication.If you are always clear about your goals, your likes, your dislikes and your feelings, you will always know where you stand in that relationship.For any relationship to grow, you need to spend quality time with one another.If you are unable to spend a lot of time with one another because you are in a long distance relationship, make sure that you read our long distance relationship tips.This is not to say that you can’t spend a great amount of time together if you both agree and genuinely enjoy spending time together.It just means that you should not dismiss friends and family if they want to spend time with you also.If you pull out all the stops up front, you will be struggling and challenged to keep it up.

You may be feeling those butterflies in your stomach, you laugh at all your partner’s jokes, feel warm and tingly inside.

If you are going above and beyond and in essence being “phony” just to impress your partner in the early stages, well you’re only making things difficult on yourself because your new beau actually believes that you are sweet and romantic ALL THE TIME.

And the minute that you start to relax and return to your normal average niceness, it will be noticed immediately.

You also do not want to give your partner the guilt trip if they want to spend time with their family and friends. You can’t expect to be invited to every function while you are still getting to know one another, and you can’t be disappointed if they don’t want to meet your family and hang out with your friends just yet.

Be conscious of the time you spend together and allow for enough space which your partner can truly appreciate.

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This is the time that you truly feel and believe that you may have met the right one!