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Blog rss feed not updating

As you click on them you’ll see the latest update and can read it right there in the feed reader.You are given the option to click through to the actual site or move onto the next unread item – marking the last one as ‘read’.Note: other options to tracking websites that you might already be familiar with include using pages like My Yahoo, My Google and My MSN.Find Some Feeds to Subscribe to – there are two places to look for a site’s feed: On Site Subscription Over the last few years you may have noticed a lot of little buttons and widgets appearing on your favorite sites and blogs.RSS flips things around a little and is a technology that provides you with a method of getting relevant and up to date information sent to you for you to read in your own time.It saves you time and helps you to get the information you want quickly after it was published. Many people describe it as a ‘news feed’ that you subscribe to. It’s like subscribing to a magazine that is delivered to you periodically but instead of it coming in your physical mail box each month when the magazine is published it is delivered to your ‘RSS Reader’ every time your favorite website updates.At first I found it a little strange to make the change from bookmarking to RSS but I found that when I started that I just couldn’t stop.Get an RSS Reader – The first thing you’ll want to do if you’re getting into reading sites via RSS is to hook yourself up with an RSS Feed Reader.

In most cases it’s as simple as either copying and pasting the link associated with the button into your RSS Reader or clicking the button and following the instructions to subscribe using the feed reader of your choice.

The best way to learn how to use Feedly is to simply subscribe to some feeds and give it a go.

Both have helpful help sections to get you up and running.

Here’s how it looks for Pro Blogger when you’re using Firefox: See the little orange icon on the right hand side?

Click that and you’ll be locating Pro Blogger’s RSS feed.

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