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God’s will, which is perfect and good, will find you. When you radically live for God instead of the world, your Father in Heaven, who knows your needs, will lead you to His will. And make sure you are spiritually and emotionally mature enough to lead and provide for a sister before you ask if you can pursue her as a wife. Make a Commitment If God didn’t give you the gift of singleness, then know that He wants to give you a wife!Fear brings death to faith, and without faith it is impossible to please God (). She won’t be perfect, but she will be perfect for you.So while God commands us to pray, He also promises to answer! Not surprisingly, the surest way to not find a wife is to pray and then avoid spending time with sisters in Christ.Therefore, in order to find a wife, pray fervently. That being said, the Bible doesn’t call single men to be Casanovas.If you don’t want marriage to pass you by, then keep reading, and let me offer you five more tips of biblical advice on how to find a wife. Pray for a Wife I know this sounds obvious, but first you must pray.

I love that out of all the ways God reveals His glory, He uniquely designed marriage to display His love for His people.

I love the mystery: how out of all the billions of people on earth, one man and one woman fell so in love that they vow to join together in a lifelong monogamous union.

With all that marriage offers and is (leading Peter to call it “the grace of life”) why would any godly brother let it pass him by?

From what I can recall, it’s a book for Christian wives that tells them how to approach their husband or their marriage if and whenever their husband should commit adultery, and their view is that you, you Christian wife, should blame yourself for your husband’s adultery, don’t hold him accountable, and just write off the situation as a learning experience.

Below you will find a few links or videos to work by other people refuting such a disgusting viewpoint.

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In this computer dating age, it seems harder than ever to find one's true love. All of these and more serious questions arise when tackling the dangerous situation of domestic violence.

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