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Best cybersex chat bot that learns

The convergence of this suite of capabilities is known as artificial intelligence [5].

It won't be long before we have bots to analyse audio using natural language processing, and commensurate bots to analyze and respond to uploaded videos on You Tube, and even bots that respond with humanlike speech contextually adapted for age, gender, and even culture.

In the days preceding this period, his following was steadily growing at about 3000 per day.

The Liberal Party had to declare on their Facebook page that someone had been purchasing “Fake Twitter followers for Tony Abbot's Twitter account,” but later a spokeswoman said it was someone not connected with the Liberal Party nor associated with the Liberal campaign and that the damage had been done using a spambot [27], an example of which is shown in Figure 1.

The Liberals acted quickly to contact Twitter who removed only about 8000 “fake followers” and by that same evening, Mr. A later analysis indicated that the Coalition had been spamming Twitter with exactly the same messages from different accounts, most of these not even from Australian shores.

The ploy meant that Abbot got about 100000 likes on Facebook in a single week, which was previously unheard of for any Liberal Party leader.

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