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Michelle Mc Cool spoke with Lilian Garcia on her Chasing Glory podcast on her relationship and eventually marriage to the legendary Undertaker.

"He kind of courted me for a while and people started noticing," Mc Cool recalled.

However, both Mc Cool and 'Taker have ways of handling it.

"Nine times out of ten people will walk straight up to us, look at him the whole time, have a conversation, can't tell you how many times people have asked me to take a picture," Mc Cool exasperated.

"Sharmell, Torrie, Vickie, and a few close friends started noticing.

They would say 'Taker never talks with girls,' which is true.

I guess he [Undertaker] took notice, so people started talking. Rios had a a hanger with an IV from the locker room ceiling. And I guess Mark [Undertaker] came in and covered me with his coat.

I was like, ‘look, I don’t even like long-haired, tattooed guys, that is not even my thing, no way.’ On getting very sick and having Undertaker take care of her: “So we went on an overseas trip, and it was when I got super sick. At this time I literally still, I was completely out of it. Obviously I didn’t wrestle, I think we had two days left.

He was the holder of the longest undefeated streak at Wrestle Mania at 21 years, a record that started on The Undertaker's Birthday at Wrestle Mania VII.

In WWE superstars dating each other have become common.

However, there was a time where it was not, and it made for an uncomfortable situation, especially when a significant other is a legend.

So, it is what it is.” On people in WWE treating her differently after she started dating Undertaker: “I can literally count, on one, maybe one and a half hands, how many people treated me the same from WWE pre-Mark and post-Mark. Sometimes I’m like, “God, I promise you, I’m way more than that.’ I’m not just his wife.

I take pride in being his wife, clearly I love him to death, but I’ve got some talents.

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On how their relationship started: “He kind of courted me for awhile, and people started noticing.

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