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Anoop desai dating megan joy

Giving yourself a One Republic song to wow the audience off the bat?

Her swan song, a walking-nightmare take on Phil Collins’s “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” that was somehow simultaneously yawn-inducing and overdone, was so disappointing that Cowell told her to not even bother trying for the judges’ save. Leah La Belle (Season 3, Placed 12th)Getting the finalist nod from Paula Abdul despite a shaky performance of “Let’s Stay Together” caused the then-nascent Idol internet to turn on this 17-year-old from Seattle, and she was told point-blank by Cowell, “Pack your suitcase; you’re going home,” after a rough performance of “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” 156.(Years later, he fired back at the show on Primetime Live, saying that he’d been enmeshed in a sexual relationship with Paula Abdul — an interview that was parodied during the season-four finale, when Simon Cowell claimed to be involved in an affair with himself.) 163. Like Fox would have let that be someone’s swan song! Tim Urban (Season 9, Placed 7th)Season nine’s teen-idol hope entered the finals on a technicality and was embraced by Vote for the Worst from the jump.Kristy Lee Cook (Season 7, Placed 7th)A rare female villain thanks to her cunning song choice, particularly when she followed up weeks of just escaping elimination with a drippingly sincere version of “God Bless the U. He had a nice smile, although, that didn’t really help the way his singing sounded. Sarina-Joi Crowe (Season 14, Placed 12th)Singing first on the season’s inaugural finalist showcase is tough.) on a wobbly performance of “(They Long to Be) Close to You.” 164.Corey Clark (Season 2, Placed 9th)The first Idol scandal to result in a contestant leaving the show during the season centered on this California-born soul singer, who was booted not because of his coffeehouse-worthy version of “Drift Away” during that season’s Country Rock night, but because he’d been charged with battery and resisting arrest in Kansas.

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In its early years, Idol stridently looked back, with only the occasional sop to present-day music and a laser focus on vocals above all.

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