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At the end of each episode, the host sits down with the losing team and "fires" someone.A few seasons in, the format switched to having celebrities compete to receive money for their charity of choice. While the competition part of the show was shown to be real enough, the "firing" segment of the show was scripted for dramatic effect.For example, the "restaurant" that they work in isn't a real restaurant, it is a sound stage fitted to act as one!To dial up the drama (and Ramsey's temper), producers would often swap out ingredients for the contestants, causing their meal to turn out sub-par and earning them a berating from the chef.Viewers loved it, and networks began to experiment with the format for the next two decades.

The most famous segment of involves each team running their own kitchen at the same time inside of a high-profile restaurant.In fact, having already closed on a house was a requirement to do the show!A few years later, one of the show's subjects came out and told the world just how scripted the series is -- she claimed that producers tried to up the drama in her episode by making the couple lie about their entire backstory in order make their upgrade to a bigger house seem much more dire and urgent.Ever since the term was coined in 2011, "Catfish" is a verb that refers to someone who manipulates people online into "dating" them while they pose as a made-up person.Sometimes it's done just for a joke, but other times there is a more sinister motive at play.

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That does not mean, however, that everything on the show that happens is legit.