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Ajax dating script

All this functionality is available through a single Java Script file you can download from the j Query site (see Related topics).After you've downloaded j Query, you can add it to any HTML or PHP file by including a simple function allows you to access DOM elements with their native names, making this interface an ideal choice for those developers already familiar with the DOM.

Depending on the kinds of projects you're used to, you may even have had the chance to work with Ajax to give your Web applications that Web 2.0, or "desktop," feel.

If you're like most PHP developers, you probably learned your craft the old-fashioned way.

You learned how to define and build simple PHP pages, connect them to simple My SQL tables, and off you went.

What about the final two pieces: the although the XML part is sometimes not really true.

Plenty of Ajax applications work well without any XML code at all: They merely pass HTML or even plain text back and forth.

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The best way to describe Ajax is to compare it to what you already know.