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It is the biggest one building airport of the world.

The airport will host flights to more than 300 destinations with an annual capacity of 200 million passengers once it is completed.

From the start this seemed to be a steep hill to climb, and sure enough shortly thereafter the date was postponed to March 3.

The taxis will be inspected regularly and there will be a point system for the drivers.Airport pick-ups are available ONLY for these dates (unless you are part of an exchange program): Rides requested for any dates outside the timeframes specified above are subject to a charge.Airport pick-up services are available prior to the mandatory orientation scheduled by UHV. The start date listed on your immigration document is the mandatory orientation date, and you must make arrangements to arrive to UHV before this date listed.Its safeness was criticized due to the abandoned coal mines underneath and the strong north winds of the area.With a floor space of 1.3 million square meters its one block terminal building gathers international and domestic terminals under one roof.

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Until then IETT and Havaist bus lines are the only available public transportation options.

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