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One good strategy for not scaring off your date by coming off as sex-hungry is by making it clear to your date that you’re just not in it for the sex.

By letting them know that you like them for much more than their sexual appeal, you’re making them feel comfortable and in control. So while sex doesn’t necessarily have to be a priority at this point, you can show your attraction and affection for your date with a romantic kiss on the lips. You have to make your first kiss memorable by strategically planning your date and planting that pucker at the perfect moment.

If she’s an audiophile, you can take her to a concert or a record store on your date.Prepare for the fourth date as if it were your first date and anticipate it with the same excitement.[Read: How to be a good date every single time] #2 Make it special.If he’s into basketball, maybe you can score some tickets so the two of you can watch a live game.[Read: 20 fun and unconventional date ideas you can try] #3 Maintain your manners.

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In the end, if it’s meant to be, then it will happen.